QAnon is a popular right-wing conspiracy theory centered around thousands of cryptic messages posted by a figure called "Q", who claimed to be an anonymous U.S. government official, on the 4chan and 8chan/8kun message boards beginning in October 2017. Q issued thousands of cryptic messages, known as Q drops, between October 2017 and December 2020, many of which alleged that President Donald Trump was fighting a shadowy cabal of pedophiles largely consisting of prominent figures and politicians on the left. QAnon adherents tried to decipher and expand upon the Q drops, eventually adding new and often bizarre ideas of their own, such as the theory that John F. Kennedy, Jr. (and, for some, also John F. Kennedy himself), was still alive. Following the 2020 presidential election and President Biden"s inauguration, many QAnon adherents came to believe that Donald Trump would soon be reinstated (not re-elected) as president.

This database provides an overview of many of the terms and individuals used by or associated with movements and groups that subscribe to and/or promote extremist or hateful ideologies.