The Rothschild banking family has been at the center of a longstanding antisemitic conspiracy theory that plays on stereotypes of Jewish power and connection to money. The theory posits that a cabal of Jews led by the Rothschilds has been manipulating currency and exerting influence on regional and national events since the early 19th century for the purposes of personal enrichment and world domination. Antisemitic conspiracy theorists blame "The Rothschilds" for numerous historical events, including interference with the American Revolution, financing Nazism and the Bolshevik Revolution and perpetrating the 9/11 attacks. Sometimes "Rothschild" is simply used as an antisemitic dog whistle for "Jew" or "Jewish."

This database provides an overview of many of the terms and individuals used by or associated with movements and groups that subscribe to and/or promote extremist or hateful ideologies.