Joseph H. Cannariato

Joseph Harvey Cannariato (1959-), known on the Internet as “Giuseppe Vafanculo” or as “Giuseppe the G-Man” is a virulent antisemite and Holocaust denier who hosts two podcasts, “The Perfect Triangle” and “The Sane Asylum,” on Speak Free Radio, an antisemitic streaming platform owned by Dave Gahary. On his two podcasts, he spews antisemitic vitriol such as referring to Jews as “perfidious” and “cancerous;” called for Jews to be forcibly expelled from the United States and he has called Jews “masters of hypnotic deception.” Cannariato increases the reach of his message by regularly associating with known antisemites including David Duke, Chris Caskie, Ryan Messano, Dave Gahary, Ayo Kimathi and Eric Gajewski (aka TradCatKnight). According to biographical sources, Cannariato grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He eventually became a journalist and had a career writing for the Milwaukee Sentinel during the 1980s. He has also had a career in acupuncture and as a musician under the stage name Lumen Jingos.

In his own words:

  • “The Jew has managed to break away and destroy all those rules to create this systemic wealth transfer in the trillions away from the working class and the middle class and lower…class to themselves. And now you know, with that power, they've literally taken control.” -7/14/2022
  • “And the only true supremacist existing on the planet right now wielding an amazing amount of power is the Jew, the Jew is the only supremacist, the rest of us basically figure out how to get along pretty well and work together. Not the Jew. They want us all at each other's throats and they want us all divide and conquer while they get to steal more of our money and…that's why we all deserve reparations from the Jews.” -12/9/2022
  • “We have to be able to break completely free of this this parasitic, satanic Jew control of our lives. And the only way we're gonna do it is with things like…the interplanetary file system. And I know it's confusing…but it's the only way we will be able to create a reality free of Jews. And that is what we have to have is an existence that is completely free of Jews.” -1/5/2023
Joseph H. Cannariato

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