Jon Minadeo II

Jon Minadeo II is the leader of the Goyim Defense League (GDL), a loose network of individuals who espouse vitriolic antisemitism on the internet, through real-world propaganda distributions and in street actions. His video streams and real-world actions have featured extensive Holocaust denial, including creating a “Holohoax Bingo” card and trying to convince teenagers on the video-call site Omegle that the Holocaust never happened. In September 2022, he was arrested in Poland for hate speech after holding up derogatory posters at Auschwitz.

He has cited a 9/11 conspiracy theory documentary as part of his own antisemitic “awakening” and realization that “it’s always Jews behind evil.” In May 2020, he co-launched GoyimTV, a video streaming platform focused on antisemitic content. Minadeo regularly uses the platform to post his podcasts and videos of his antisemitic exploits and homophobic rants.

In his words:

  • “Why are they lying? Why are they making this illegal to question…Truth fears no investigation. Any other piece of history can be questioned…but the one thing we can’t question is the Holocaust?”  – Minadeo Omegle Clip, April 2021
  • “Let me tell you something, I’m part German too, and the Holocaust isn’t real bro.”  – Minadeo Omegle Clip, March 2021
Jon Minadeo

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