"Globalist" is a term used by many segments of the right and the far right. In some cases, its use is more or less mainstream, referring to people or entities that support multilateralism and cross-border cooperation. In extremist contexts, "globalist" can mean different things depending on the user and the context. White supremacists and other antisemites frequently use the term as an antisemitic dog whistle, wielding it as a codeword for Jews or as a pejorative term for people whose interests in international commerce or finance ostensibly make them disloyal to the country in which they live, or who are willing to undermine the financial security of their neighbors in order to benefit transnational interests. Because of the long history of antisemitic associations of Jews with money and commerce, the pejorative subtexts quickly take on antisemitic connotations when the term is applied to individual Jews, groups of Jews or places where Jews are known to live. Antigovernment extremists also use the term globalist, usually without the antisemitic connotations, in references to conspiracy theories about the "New World Order."

This database provides an overview of many of the terms and individuals used by or associated with movements and groups that subscribe to and/or promote extremist or hateful ideologies.