E. Michael Jones

E. Michael Jones is a longtime antisemite and traditionalist Catholic writer born in 1948. Jones promotes the idea that Jews are responsible for perpetrating attacks against the Catholic Church, as well as against moral standards, social stability and global political order. Jones claims that the number of Jews murdered during the Holocaust is inaccurate, and that the use of gas chambers is a myth.  

Outside of Holocaust distortion, he portrays Jews as inherently wicked and claims Judaism possesses “a particularly malignant spirit.” He blames Jews for Bolshevism, Freemasonry and an alleged contemporary “Jewish takeover of American culture." He argues that violence against Jews throughout history is an understandable reaction to Jewish beliefs and behavior. Jones has published and edited multiple antisemitic texts, including The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Culture Wars magazine.  

In his words:  

  • “After years of repression, the truth is coming to light, making the conclusion of Volckmer’s no-vella as inescapable as it is inexpressible: the Holocaust is a sexual fantasy created by guilt-ridden Jews to cover up their attempt to exterminate the German people in the period immediately following World War II. That narrative was also concocted to cover up Allied war crimes, but the cover-up is coming undone." - book review quoted in Culture Wars Magazine, October 2021
E. Michael Jones

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