Abbas Hamideh  

Abbas Hamideh is a Cleveland-based anti-Israel activist and leader of anti-Zionist group Al-Awda, which opposes Israel’s existence and draws hundreds of people to local anti-Israel rallies. In a July 2014 tweet, Hamideh expressed support for violence against Israeli civilians. He has also perpetuated antisemitic tropes. He has venerated terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah as well as Iran’s armed forces; tweeted in May 2020 that Zionists are part of a “cabal;” tweeted in November 2020 that “Zionist lobbies…control the [U.S.] political system;” referenced the “Zionist controlled media” in another November 2020 tweet and has claimed “The Criminal Zionists are in control of Washington, DC (America).” Hamideh has infused his critique of Israel and Zionists with stereotypes about the Jewish religion, tweeting that one must “acknowledge their Jewish supremacy...You have to surrender to their perception of religion. They're chosen and we're gentiles.” Speaking at a rally in October 2021, he denied the identities of Jewish Israelis and their connection to the land of Israel, telling the crowd: “European invaders of Palestine are not Semitic.”

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