Rasmea Odeh 

Rasmea Odeh, an anti-Israel activist based in Jordan, was convicted in an Israeli court in 1970 for her alleged involvement in a 1969 supermarket bombing that killed Israeli college students Leon Kanner and Eddie Joffe. Odeh gained prominence in 2017 when she was deported from the U.S. following a trial that determined she had intentionally neglected to mention her terror conviction in official immigration forms. She is venerated by prominent anti-Zionist organizations and activists, including Students for Justice in Palestine and Jewish Voice for Peace. In a 2017 essay in the anti-Zionist publication The Electronic Intifada, she expressed support for a “historical Palestine [West Bank, Gaza and Israel] liberated from Zionism,” which may reasonably be interpreted as a call for most Israelis (who identify as Zionists) to leave Israel. She has also admitted to planting bombs in Israel: “We had placed a bomb there to protest Britain's decision to furnish arms to Israel. Actually we placed two bombs, the first was found before it went off so we placed another.”

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