Palestine Action U.S.

Palestine Action U.S. is a far-left anti-Zionist “direct action network” that engages in and/or promotes protests and defacement of private property belonging to organizations and individuals it considers supportive of Israel or “Zionism.” Its stated mission is “disrupting and dismantling zionism [sic] and US imperialism.”  

The group distributes a variety of toolkits and materials to educate and inspire followers on how and why to undertake disruptive and destructive “direct actions,” such as blockading entrances of companies, breaking and entering, spray-painting buildings with converted fire extinguishers and causing harm to infrastructure.

The group usually targets weapons manufacturers with connections to Israel, such as Elbit Systems, though it also encourages the vandalism of companies such as Starbucks and McDonald’s for their perceived associations with Israel and/or Zionism.

Palestine Action U.S. is the U.S.-based chapter of Palestine Action, which is active in the United Kingdom. 

Palestine Action U.S.

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