Norse Paganism (Modern)

Modern Norse paganism is a revival of ancient Norse religious practices and beliefs, sometimes in modified form, that has occurred in some European countries and countries with populations of European descent such as the United States and Canada. It is commonly referred to as Asatru. Although most adherents of Asatru are not racist or white supremacist, some white supremacists have adopted modern Norse pagan beliefs and symbols. These white supremacists like the fact that it is not a "Jewish" religion, like Christianity, and also claim that it is a warrior religion. White supremacist adherents may use the term Asatru but often refer to themselves as Odinists or Wotanists. Racist Norse pagans typically proclaim themselves to be "folkish" and consider their religion to be one for people of European descent only, while non-racist Norse pagans will accept people of any background into their ranks.

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