Leila Khaled 

Leila Khaled, currently based in Jordan, is a member of the U.S. State Department-designated terrorist organization Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). She is well-known for her role in the hijacking of two civilian airliners, TWA Flight 840 in 1969 (bound for Tel Aviv from Rome) and El Al flight 219 in 1970 (traveling from Amsterdam to New York City). Khaled is lionized in many anti-Zionist circles and is sometimes invited to speak on university campuses in the United States. Anti-Zionist groups frequently venerate her legacy of “resistance” and disseminate stylized images of her holding a rifle on social media or in other materials. In interviews and speaking engagements, Khaled continues to express support for violence against Israelis. Khaled has supported “children come[sic] out[sic] stabbing settler or soldier, using the[sic] cars.” Referencing the terrorist group Hamas, she has stated: “Anyone who fights Israel is on the same trench as we are.” She has also opined that “the Jews” are “a new copy of Nazis,” referring to Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.  

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