Henry Herskovitz 

Henry Herskovitz is a Michigan-based Holocaust denier and leader of the antisemitic and anti-Zionist organization Witness for Peace (WFP). Since 2003, Herskovitz has led weekly WFP protests outside a synagogue in Ann Arbor, Michigan, citing the congregation’s support for Israel. The group frequently carries signs espousing antisemitic tropes, including the allegation that Jews are disloyal citizens of the United States, or alleging Jewish control over politics. Signs have included text reading: “Israel’s hold on Congress,” “Jewish Power” and “AMERICA First NOT Israel.”  In 2019, Herskovitz denied the Holocaust on his personal blog: “...(written orders from Hitler to exterminate Jews, building homicidal gas chambers, and claiming 6 million victims) was concocted to portray Jews as victims in order to cement their claim to eternal victimhood, and reap possible benefits.”

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